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Book of First John free images and Bible art. Search art and lessons in First John by verse. Free high resolution images and study resource.

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1 John Chapter 1
The apostle prefaces his epistle to believers in general, with evident testimonies to Christ, for promoting their happiness and joy 1-4. The necessity of a life of holiness, in order to communion with God, is shown 5-10.
1 John Chapter 2
The apostle directs to the atonement of Christ for help against sinful infirmities 1,2. The effects of saving knowledge in producing obedience, and love to the brethren 3-11. Christians addressed as little children, young men, and fathers 12-14. All are cautioned against the love of this world, and against errors 15-23. They are encouraged to stand fast in faith and holiness 24-29.
1 John Chapter 3
The apostle admires the love of God in making believers his children 1,2. The purifying influence of the hope of seeing Christ, and the danger of pretending to this, and living in sin 3-10. Love to the brethren is the character of real Christians 11-15. That love described by its actions 16-21. The advantage of faith, love, and obedience 22-24.
1 John Chapter 4
Believers cautioned against giving heed to every one that pretends to the Spirit 1-6.
Brotherly love enforced 7-21.

1 John Chapter 5
Brotherly love is the effect of the new birth, which makes obedience to all God's commandments pleasant 1-5. Reference to witnesses agreeing to prove that Jesus, the Son of God, is the true Messiah 6-8. The satisfaction the believer has about Christ, and eternal life through him 9-12. The assurance of God's hearing and answering prayer 13-17. The happy condition of true believers, and a charge to renounce all idolatry 18-21. 

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