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Book of First Peter free images and Bible art. Search art and lessons in First Peter by verse. Free high resolution images and study resource.


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1 Peter Chapter 1
The apostle blesses God for his special benefits through Christ 1-9. Salvation by Christ foretold in ancient prophecy 10-12. All are exhorted to holy conversation 13-16.
Such as is suitable to their principles, love one another 22-23. The Word of the Lord endures forever 25.

1 Peter Chapter 2
A temper suitable to the Christian character as born again, is recommended 1-10. Holy conversation among the Gentiles directed 11,12. Subjects exhorted to pay all proper obedience to their civil governors 13-17. Also servants to their masters, and all to be patient, according to the example of the suffering Savior 18-25.
1 Peter Chapter 3
The duties of wives and husbands 1-7. Christians exhorted to agree 8-13. And encouraged to patience under persecutions for righteousness' sake, considering that Christ suffered patiently 14-22.
1 Peter Chapter 4
The consideration of Christ's sufferings is urged for purity and holiness 1-6. And the approaching end of the Jewish state, as a reason for sobriety, watchfulness, and prayer 7-11. Believers encouraged to rejoice and glory in reproaches and sufferings for Christ, and to commit their souls to the care of a faithful God 12-19.
1 Peter Chapter 5
Elders exhorted and encouraged 1-4. Younger Christians are to submit to their elders, and to yield with humility and patience to God, and to be sober, watchful, and steadfast in faith 5-9. Prayers for their growth and establishment 10-14.

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