The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the

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1 Timothy Chapter 1
The apostle salutes Timothy 1-4. The design of the law as given by Moses 5-11.
Of his own conversion and call to the apostleship 12-17. The obligation to maintain faith and a good conscience 18-20.
1 Timothy Chapter 2
Prayer to be made for all persons, since the grace of the gospel makes no difference of ranks or stations 1-7. How men and women ought to behave, both in their religious and common life 8-15.
1 Timothy Chapter 3
The qualifications and behavior of gospel bishops 1-7. And of deacons and their wives  8-13. The reason of writing about these, and other church affairs 14-16.
1 Timothy Chapter 4
Of departures from the faith that began already to appear 1-5. Several directions, with motives for due discharge of duties 6-16.
1 Timothy Chapter 5
Directions as to the elder and younger men and women 1,2. And as to poor widows 3-8. Concerning widows 9-16. The respect to be paid to elders. Timothy is to take care in rebuking offenders, in ordaining ministers, and as to his own health 17-25.
1 Timothy Chapter 6
The duty of Christians towards believing, as well as other masters 1-5. The advantage of godliness with contentment 6-10. A solemn charge to Timothy to be faithful 11-16.
The apostle repeats his warning to the rich, and closes with a blessing 17-21.

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