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Book of Amos free Christian art, high resolution royalty free images and Bible art. Search art and lessons in the book of Amos by verse.


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The Pleiades, Amos 5:8, Pleiades poster print
Amos 5:8, The Pleiades (click image for full size)
The Pleiades Poster Print


Amos Chapter 1
Judgments against the Syrians, Philistines, Tyrians, Edomites, and Ammonites.
Amos Chapter 2
Judgments against Moab and Judah 1-8. The ingratitude and ruin of Israel 9-16.
Amos Chapter 3
Judgments against Israel 1-8. The like to other nations 9-15.
Amos Chapter 4
Israel is reproved 1-5. Their impenitence shown 6-13.
Amos Chapter 5
Israel is called to seek the Lord 1-6. Earnest exhortations to repentance 7-17.
Warnings respecting idolatries 18-27.
Amos Chapter 6
The danger of luxury and false security 1-7. Punishments of sins 8-14.
Amos Chapter 7
Visions of judgments to come upon Israel 1-9. Amaziah threatens Amos 10-17. e
Amos Chapter 8
The near approach of the ruin of Israel 1-3. Oppression reproved 4-10. A famine of the word of God 11-14.
Amos Chapter 9
The ruin of Israel 1-10. The restoration of the Jews and the gospel blessing 11-15.

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