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Ecclesiastes Chapter 1
Solomon shows that all human things are vain 1-3. Man's toil and want of satisfaction 4-8. There is nothing new under the sun 9-11. The vexation in pursuit of knowledge 12-18.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 2
The vanity and vexation of mirth, sensual pleasure, riches, and pomp 1-11. Human wisdom insufficient 12-17. This world to be used according to the will of God 18-26.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 3
The changes of human affairs 1-10. the Divine counsels unchangeable 11-15, the vanity of worldly power 16-22.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 4
Miseries from oppression 1-3,  troubles from envy 4-6. The folly of covetousness 7,8. The advantages of mutual assistance 9-12,  the changes of royalty 13-16.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 5
What renders devotion vain 1-3,  of vows, and oppression 4-8,  the vanity of riches shown 9-7. The right use of riches 18-20.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 6
The vanity of riches, of long life and flourishing families 1-6. The little advantage any one has in outward things 7-12.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 7
The benefit of a good name; of death above life; of sorrow above vain mirth 1-6. Concerning oppression, anger, and discontent 7-10. Advantages of wisdom 11-22.
Experience of the evil of sin 23-29. 

Ecclesiastes Chapter 8
Commendations of wisdom 1-5. To prepare for sudden evils and death 6-8. It shall be well with the righteous, and ill with the wicked 9-13. Mysteries of providence 14-17.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 9
Good and bad men fare alike as to this world 1-3. All men must die, their portion as to this life 4-10. Disappointments common 11-12, benefits of wisdom 13-18.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 10
To preserve a character for wisdom 1-3. Respecting subjects and rulers 4-10, of foolish talk 11-15. Duties of rulers and subjects 16-20.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 11
Exhortation to liberality 1-6. An admonition to prepare for death, and to young persons to be religious 7-10.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 12
A description of the infirmities of age 1-7. All is vanity: also a warning of the judgment to come 8-14.

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