The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the

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Ephesians Chapter 1
A salutation, and an account of saving blessings, as prepared in God's eternal election, as purchased by Christ's blood 1-8. And as conveyed in effectual calling: this is applied to the believing Jews, and to the believing Gentiles 9-14. The apostle thanks God for their faith and love, and prays for the continuance of their knowledge and hope, with respect to the heavenly inheritance, and to God's powerful working in them 15-23.
Ephesians Chapter 2
The riches of God's grace towards men, shown from their deplorable state by nature, and the happy change Divine grace makes in them 1-10. The Ephesians called to reflect on their state of heathenism 11-13. And the privileges and blessings of the gospel 14-22.
Ephesians Chapter 3
The apostle sets forth his office, and his qualifications for it, and his call to it 1-7. Also the noble purposes answered by it 8-12. He prays for the Ephesians 13-19. And adds a thanksgiving 20,21.
Ephesians Chapter 4
Exhortations to mutual forbearance and union 1-6. To a due use of spiritual gifts and graces 7-16. To purity and holiness 17-24. And to take heed of the sins practiced among the heathen 25-32.
Ephesians Chapter 5
Exhortation to brotherly love 1,2. Cautions against several sins 3-14. Directions to a contrary behavior, and to relative duties 15-21. The duties of wives and husbands are enforced by the spiritual relation between Christ and the church 22-33.
Ephesians Chapter 6
The duties of children and parents 1-4. Of servants and masters 5-9. All Christians are to put on spiritual armor against the enemies of their souls 10-18. The apostle desires their prayers, and ends with his apostolic blessing 19-24.

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