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Hebrews Chapter 1
The surpassing dignity of the Son of God in his Divine person, and in his creating and mediatorial work 1-3. And in his superiority to all the holy angels 4-14.
Hebrews Chapter 2
The duty of steadfastly adhering to Christ and his gospel 1-4. His sufferings are no objection against his pre-eminence 5-9. The reason of his sufferings, and the fitness of them 10-13. Christ's taking the nature of man, and not his taking the nature of angels, was necessary to his priestly office 14-18.
Hebrews Chapter 3
The superior worth and dignity of Christ above Moses is shown 1-6. The Hebrews are warned of the sin and danger of unbelief 7-13. And of necessity of faith in Christ, and of steadfastly following him 14-19.
Hebrews Chapter 4
Humble, cautious fear is urged, lest any should come short of the promised rest, through unbelief 1-10. Arguments and motives to faith and hope in our approaches to God 11-16.
Hebrews Chapter 5
The office and duty of a high priest abundantly answered in Christ 1-10. The Christian Hebrews reproved for their little progress in the knowledge of the gospel 11-14.
Hebrews Chapter 6
The Hebrews are urged to go forward in the doctrine of Christ, and the consequences of apostasy, or turning back, are described 1-8. The apostle expresses satisfaction, as to the most of them 9,10. And encourages them to persevere in faith and holiness 11-20.
Hebrews Chapter 7
A comparison between the priesthood of Melchizedec and that of Chris 1-3. The excellence of Christ's priesthood above the Levitical priesthood is shown 4-10. This is applied to Christ 11-25. The faith and hope of the church encouraged from this 26-28.
Hebrews Chapter 8
The excellence of Christ's priesthood above that of Aaron is shown 1-6. The great excellence of the new covenant above the former 7-13.
Hebrews Chapter 9
The Jewish tabernacle and its utensils 1-5. Their use and meaning 6-10. These fulfilled in Christ 11-22. The necessity, superior dignity, and power of his priesthood and sacrifice 23-28.
Hebrews Chapter 10
The insufficiency of sacrifices for taking away sin, The necessity and power of the sacrifice of Christ for that purpose 1-18. An argument for holy boldness in the believer's access to God through Jesus Christ, And for steadfastness in faith, and mutual love and duty 19-25. The danger of apostasy 26-31. The sufferings of believers, and encouragement to maintain their holy profession 32-39.
Hebrews Chapter 11
The nature and power of faith described 1-3.It is set forth by instances from Abel to Noah 4-7. By Abraham and his descendants 8-19. By Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Israelites, and Rahab 20-31. By other Old Testament believers 32-38. The better state of believers under the gospel 39,40.
Hebrews Chapter 12
An exhortation to be constant and persevere, The example of Christ is set forth, and the gracious design of God in all the sufferings believers endured 1-11. Peace and holiness are recommended, with cautions against despising spiritual blessings 12-17.
The New Testament dispensation shown to be much more excellent than the Old 18-29.

Hebrews Chapter 13
Exhortations to various duties, and to be content with what Providence allots 1-6. To respect the instructions of faithful pastors, with cautions against being carried away by strange doctrines 7-15. Further exhortations to duties, that relate to God, to our neighbor, and to those set over us in the Lord 16-21. This epistle to be seriously considered 22-25. 

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