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Hosea Chapter 1
Under a figure, is represented the shameful idolatry of the ten tribes 1-7. The calling of the Gentiles, and the uniting Israel and Judah under the Messiah 8-11.
Hosea Chapter 2
The idolatry of the people 1-5. God's judgments against them 6-13. His promises of reconciliation 14-23.
Hosea Chapter 3
The prophet enters into a new contract, representing the gracious manner in which God will again restore Israel under a new covenant.
Hosea Chapter 4
God's judgments against the sins of the people 1-5, and of the priests 6-11. Idolatry is reproved, and Judah is admonished 12-19.)
Hosea Chapter 5
The Divine judgments against Israel 1-7. Approaching desolations threatened 8-15.
Hosea Chapter 6
An exhortation to repentance 1-3. Israel's instability and breach of the covenant 4-11.he
Hosea Chapter 7
The manifold sins of Israel 1-7. Their senselessness and hypocrisy 8-16.
Hosea Chapter 8
Destruction threatened for the impiety of Israel 1-4. For their idolatry 5-10. Further threatening for the same sins 11-14.
Hosea Chapter 9
The distress to come upon Israel 1-6. The approach of the day of trouble 7-10. Judgments on Israel 11-17.
Hosea Chapter 10
The idolatry of Israel 1-8. Israel exhorted to repentance 9-15.
Hosea Chapter 11
God's regard for Israel; their ingratitude 1-7. The Divine mercy yet in store 8-12.
Hosea Chapter 12
Judah and Israel reminded of the Divine favors 1-6. The provocations of Israel 7-14.
Hosea Chapter 13
The abuse of God's favor leads to punishment 1-8. A promise of God's mercy 9-16.
Hosea Chapter 14
An exhortation to repentance 1-3. Blessings promised, showing the rich comforts of the gospel 4-8. The just and the wicked 9. 

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