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James Chapter 1
How to apply to God under troubles, and how to behave in prosperous and in adverse circumstances 1-11. To look upon all evil as proceeding from ourselves, and all good from God 12-18. The duty of watching against a rash temper, and of receiving the word of God with meekness 19-21. And of living according thereto 22-25. The difference between vain pretences and real religion 26,27.
James Chapter 2
All professions of faith are vain, if not producing love and justice to others 1-13. The necessity of good works to prove the sincerity of faith, which otherwise will be of no more advantage than the faith of devils 14-26.
James Chapter 3
Cautions against proud behavior, and the mischief of an unruly tongue 1-12. The excellence of heavenly wisdom, in opposition to that which is worldly 13-18.
James Chapter 4
Here are cautions against corrupt affections, and love of this world, which is enmity to God 1-10. Exhortations to undertake no affairs of life, without constant regard to the will and providence of God 11-17.
James Chapter 5
The judgments of God denounced against rich unbelievers 1-6. Exhortation to patience and meekness under tribulations 7-11. Cautions against rash swearing Prayer recommended in afflictive and prosperous circumstances, Christians to confess their faults to each other 12-18. The happiness of being the means of the conversion of a sinner 19,20.

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