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  John, like the writer of the first Gospel, was one of the twelve apostles, and hence an eyewitness of all that he describes. He was one of the first four followers summoned by Jesus, and was of all men the man most intimately associated with the Master, and beloved by Him. A mere youth at the time of his call, John apparently outlived all the other Apostles.

  His Gospel is of later date than the other three and is supposed to have been written by him perhaps sixty years after the death of Christ, though there is a widespread opinion among modern scholars that not John himself, but some intimate friend and pupil of his, was the actual writer. John also, as a leader of the Church, wrote three of the "Epistles" and in extreme old age penned his mighty and mystic "Revelation."

  This Gospel is supplementary to and widely different from the other three. It aims, not to tell the story of Jesus' life, but to expound His doctrines. The other Gospels are chiefly narrative; this one, while mentioning incidents passed over by the others, is a book of philosophic discourses. John, who had most loved Jesus and most fully caught His spirit, explains His mission to the world as the God, born man, to suffer for us all, the God of Divine Love.

Gospel of John, Free Christ Images

John Chapter 1
The Divinity of Christ 1-5. The Word became flesh 6-14. John the Baptist's testimony to Christ 15-18. John's public testimony concerning Christ 19-28. Other testimonies of John concerning Christ 29-36. Andrew and another disciple follow Jesus 37-42. Philip and Nathanael called 43-51.
John Chapter 2
The miracle at Cana 1-11. Christ casts the buyers and sellers out of the temple 12-22.
Many believe in Christ 23-25.
John Chapter 3
Jesus teaches with Nicodemus 1-21. John the Baptist's testimony about Jesus 22-36.
John Chapter 4
Christ's departure into Galilee 1-3. Jesus talks with the Samaritan woman at the well 4-26.
The whitened harvest 27-42. Christ heals the nobleman's son 43-54.
John Chapter 5
The cure at the pool of Bethesda 1-9. The Jews' displeasure 10-16. Christ reproves the Jews 17-23. Christ's discourse 24-47.
John Chapter 6
Five thousand miraculously fed 1-14. Jesus walks on the sea 15-21. He directs to spiritual food 22-27. His discourse with the multitude 28-65. Many of disciples go back 66-71.
John Chapter 7
Christ goes to the feast of tabernacles 1-13. His discourse at the feast 14-39. The people dispute concerning Christ 40-53.
John Chapter 8
The Pharisees and the adulteress 1-11. Christ's discourse with the Pharisees 12-59.
John Chapter 9
Christ give sight to one born blind 1-7. The account given by the blind man 8-12. The Pharisees question the man that had been blind 13-17. They ask concerning him 18-23. They cast him out 24-34. Christ's words to the man that had been blind 35-38. He reproves the Pharisees 39-41.
John Chapter 10
The parable of the good shepherd 1-5. Christ the Door 6-9. Christ the good Shepherd 10-18. The Jews' opinion concerning Jesus 19-21. His discourse at the feast of dedication 22-30. The Jews attempt to stone Jesus 31-38. He departs from Jerusalem  39-42.
John Chapter 11
The sickness of Lazarus 1-6. Christ returns to Judea 7-10. The death of Lazarus 11-16. Christ arrives at Bethany 17-32. He raises Lazarus 33-46. The Pharisees consult against Jesus 47-53. The Jews seek for him 54-57.
John Chapter 12
Mary anoints the feet of Christ 1-3. The triumphal entry 12-22. The Messiah teaches 23-50.
John Chapter 13
Christ washes the disciples' feet 1-20. Christ announces Judas, the betrayer 21-30. Christ announces His departure 31-35. Christ foretells Peter's denial 36-38.
John Chapter 14
Christ comforts His disciples 1-4. Christ answers Thomas 5-7. Christ answers Philip 8-21. Christ answers Judas 22-31.
John Chapter 15
The relationship of believers to Christ 1-11. The relationship of believers to each other 12-17. The relationship of believers to the world 18-25. The promise of the Holy Spirit 26-27.
John Chapter 16
Believers killed to please false gods. 1-4. Holy Spirit comes to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment 8-11; and will guide in truth 1-15. Predictions of Christ's death and resurrection 16-32. Christ overcomes the world 33.
John Chapter 17
Christ prays for Himself 1-5. Christ prays for His disciples 6-19. Christ prays for all believers 20-26.
John Chapter 18
The arrest of Christ 1-11. First Jewish trial before Annas 12-23. Second Jewish trial before Caiaphas 24-27. First Roman trial before Pilate 28-38. Second Roman trial before Pilate 39-40.
John Chapter 19
Second Roman trial before Pilate
1-15. Carrying the Cross 16-18. The Crucifixion of Christ 17-27. The death of Christ 28-30. Descent from the Cross 31-37. The burial of Christ 38-42.
John Chapter 20
The Resurrection of Christ 1-10. Christ appears to Mary Magdalene 11-18. Christ appears to the disciples 19-25. Christ appears to the disciples and Thomas 26-29. The purpose of John's Gospel 30-31.
John Chapter 21
Christ appears to the seven disciples 1-14. Christ speaks to Peter 15-23. Conclusion of John's Gospel 24-25.

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