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The Gospel of St. Matthew has always been accepted by the Church as the work of the apostle Matthew, whose call to follow Jesus is told by himself within the book. He was a "publican" or collector of taxes under the Roman government. We have some evidence that Matthew wrote an account of Jesus in Hebrew almost immediately after the death of the Master, but this work has not been preserved. Probably the apostle composed this present Greek book thirty years later, that is, about 60 A. D. The account is undeniably that of an eyewitness of many of the scenes described.

Matthew's Gospel differs from the others chiefly in giving us more of the discourses of Jesus, such for instance as the "Sermon on the Mount," and more also of His actual words in argument, the trials of debate forced upon Him by the priesthood. It is also notable that Matthew seems writing for his own countrymen, the Jews. He refers constantly to the Old Testament. By quoting the ancient prophecies he aims to show his people that Jesus fulfills every prophetic promise, and thus is indeed the Christ, the long expected Messiah.
~The Bible and Its Story
F.R. Niglutsch 1906

Matthew Chapter 1
The genealogy of Jesus 1-17. An angel appears to Joseph 18-25.
Matthew Chapter 2
The wise men's search after Christ 1-8. The wise men worship Jesus 9-12. Flight into Egypt 13-15. Herod causes the infants of Bethlehem to be massacred 16-22. Jesus brought to Nazareth 23.
Matthew Chapter 3
John the Baptist, his preaching, manner of life, and baptism 1-6 John reproves the Pharisees and Sadducees 7-12.The baptism of Jesus 13-17.
Matthew Chapter 4
The temptation of Christ 1-11.The opening of Christ's ministry in Galilee 12-17. Call of Simon and others 18-22. Jesus teaches and works miracles 23-25.
Matthew Chapter 5
Christ's sermon on the mount 1,2. Who are blessed 3-12.Exhortations and warnings 13-16. Christ came to confirm the law 17-20. The sixth commandment 21-26. The seventh commandment 27-32. The third commandment 33-37. The law of retaliation 38-42. The law of love explained 43-48.
Matthew Chapter 6
Against hypocrisy in almsgiving 1-4. Against hypocrisy in prayer 5-8. How to pray 9-15.
Respecting fasting 16-18. Evil of being worldly-minded 19-24. Trust in God commended 25-34.

Matthew Chapter 7
Christ reproves rash judgment 1-6. Encouragements to prayer 7-11. The broad and narrow way 12-14. Against false prophets 15-20. To be doers of the word, not hearers only 21-29.
Matthew Chapter 8
Multitudes follow Christ 1. He heals a leper 2-4. A centurion's servant healed 5-13. Cure of Peter's wife's mother 14-17. The scribe's zealous proposal 18-22. Christ calms the storm  23-27. He heals two possessed with devils 28-34.
Matthew Chapter 9
Jesus returns to Capernaum, and heals a paralytic 1-8. Matthew called 9. Matthew, or Levi's feast 10-13. Objections of John's disciples 14-17. Christ raises the daughter of Jairus, He heals the issue of blood 18-26. He heals two blind men 27-31.Christ casts out a dumb spirit 32-34. He sends forth the apostles 35-38.
Matthew Chapter 10
The apostles called 1-4. The apostles instructed and sent forth 5-15. Directions to the apostles 16-42.
Matthew Chapter 11
Christ's preaching 1. Christ's answer to John's disciples 2-6. Christ's testimony to John the Baptist 7-15. The perverseness of the Jews 16-24. The gospel revealed to the simple. The heavy-laden invited 25-30.
Matthew Chapter 12
Jesus defends his disciples for plucking corn on the Sabbath day 1-8. Jesus heals a man with a withered hand on the Sabbath 9-13. The malice of the Pharisees 14-21.
Jesus heals a demoniac 22-30. Blasphemy of the Pharisees 31,32. Evil words proceed from an evil heart 33-37. The scribes and Pharisees reproved for seeking a sign 38-45.
The disciples of Christ are his nearest relations 46-50.

Matthew Chapter 13
The parable of the sower 1-23. The parable of the tares 24-30. The parables of the mustard-seed and the leaven 31-35. The parables of the hidden treasure, the pearl of great price, the net cast into the sea, and the householder 44-52. Jesus is again rejected at Nazareth 53-58.
Matthew Chapter 14
Death of John the Baptist 1-12. Five thousand people miraculously fed 13-21. Jesus walks upon the sea 22-33. Jesus healing the sick 34-36.
Matthew Chapter 15
Jesus discourses about human traditions 1-9. He warns against things which really defile 10-20. He heals the daughter of a Gentile woman 21-28. Jesus heals the sick, and miraculously feeds four thousand 29-39.
Matthew Chapter 16
The Pharisees and Sadducees ask a sign 1-4. Jesus cautions against the doctrine of the Pharisees 5-12. Peter's testimony that Jesus was the Christ 13-20. Christ foretells his sufferings, and rebukes Peter 21-23. The necessity of self-denial 24-28.
Matthew Chapter 17
The transfiguration of Christ 1-13. Jesus casts out a dumb and deaf spirit 14-21. He again foretells his sufferings 22,23. He works a miracle to pay the tribute money 24-27.
Matthew Chapter 18
The importance of humility 1-6. Caution against offences 7-14. The removal of offences 15-20. Conduct towards brethren, The parable of the unmerciful servant 21-35.
Matthew Chapter 19
Jesus enters Judea 1,2. The Pharisees' question about divorces 3-12. Young children brought to Jesus 13-15. The rich young man's inquiry 16-22. The recompense of Christ's followers 23-30.
Matthew Chapter 20
The parable of the laborers in the vineyard 1-16. Jesus again foretells his sufferings 17-19. The ambition of James and John 20-28. Jesus gives sight to two blind men near Jericho 29-34.
Matthew Chapter 21
Christ enters Jerusalem 1-11. He drives out those who profaned the temple 12-17. The barren fig-tree cursed 18-22. Jesus' discourse in the temple 23-27. The parable of the two sons 28-32. The parable of the wicked husbandmen 33-46.
Matthew Chapter 22
The parable of the marriage feast 1-14. The Pharisees question Jesus as to the tribute  15-22. The question of the Sadducees as to the resurrection 23-33. The substance of the commandments 34-40. Jesus questions the Pharisees 41-46.
Matthew Chapter 23
Jesus reproves the scribes and Pharisees 1-12. Crimes of the Pharisees 13-33. The guilt of Jerusalem 34-39.
Matthew Chapter 24
Christ foretells the destruction of the temple 1-3. The troubles before the destruction of Jerusalem 4-28. Christ foretells other signs and miseries, to the end of the world 29-41.
Exhortations to watchfulness 42-51.

Matthew Chapter 25
The parable of the ten virgins 1-13. Parable of the talents 14-30. The judgment 31-46.
Matthew Chapter 26
The rulers conspire against Christ 1-5. Christ anointed at Bethany 6-13. Judas bargains to betray Christ 14-16. The Passover 17-25. Christ institutes his holy supper 26-30. He predicts Peter's denial 31-35. His agony in the garden 36-46. He is betrayed 47-56. Christ before Caiaphas 57-68. Peter denies him 69-75.
Matthew Chapter 27
Judas hangs himself 1-27. Christ before Pilate 11-25. Barabbas loosed, Christ mocked 26-30. Christ led to be crucified 31-34. He is crucified 35-44. The death of Christ 45-50. Events at the crucifixion 51-56. The burial of Christ 57-61. The sepulchre secured 62-66.
Matthew Chapter 28
Christ's resurrection 1-8. He appears to the women 9-10. Confession of the soldiers 11-15. Christ's commission to his disciples 16-20.

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