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Micah Chapter 1
The wrath of God against Israel 1-7. Also against Jerusalem and other cities, their precautions vain 8-16.
Micah Chapter 2
The sins and desolations of Israel 1-5. Their evil practices 6-11. A promise of restoration 12-13.
Micah Chapter 3
The cruelty of the princes, the falsehood of the prophets 1-8. Their false security 9-12.
Micah Chapter 4
The peace of the kingdom of Christ 1-8. The judgments to come upon Jerusalem, but the final triumph of Israel 9-13.
Micah Chapter 5
The birth of Christ and conversion of the Gentiles 1-6. The triumphs of Israel 7-15.
Micah Chapter 6
God's controversy with Israel 1-5. The duties God requires 6-8. The wickedness of Israel 9-16.
Micah Chapter 7
The general prevalence of wickedness 1-7. Reliance on God, and triumph over enemies 8-13. Promises and encouragements for Israel 14-20.

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