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The book of Ruth is placed by the modern Jewish canon among the Hagiographa, the unrelated body of holy writings which form the third section of the Bible. But the-earliest Christian Bibles placed the book in its present position among the historical records; and the learned Josephus, who lived in the same century as Christ, tells us that this was customary among the Jews in his day.

The book has sometimes been regarded as a mere appendix to Judges or even as an actual part of that book, a detached story similar to that of the migration of Dan or the war against Benjamin.

The story of Ruth is represented as happening during the period of the judges, and has a direct historical bearing in that it tells of the ancestors of King David. The authorship is wholly unknown. Probably the work was composed in the days after the Exile as a protest against the exclusiveness of the anti-foreign party.

From a literary standpoint the book is highly valued. It is a pastoral idyl, almost a poem, depicting the life of the Israelites in their days of peace.

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The Harvester by Adolphe Bouguerea

Ruth Chapter 1
Elimelech and his sons die in the land of Moab 1-5. Naomi returns home 6-14. Orpah stays behind, but Ruth goes with Naomi 15-18. They come to Bethlehem 19-22.
Ruth Chapter 2
Ruth gleans in the field of Boaz 1-3. The kindness of Boaz to Ruth 4-16. Ruth returns to her mother-in-law 17-23.
Ruth Chapter 3
The directions given to Ruth by Naomi 1-5. Boaz acknowledges the duty of a kinsman 6-13. Ruth's return to her mother-in-law 14-18.
Ruth Chapter 4
The kinsman refuses to redeem Ruth's inheritance 1-8. Boaz marries Ruth 9-12. Birth of Obed

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