The Book of
Song of Solomon

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Song of Solomon Chapter 1
The title, the church confesses her deformity 2-6. The church beseeches Christ to lead her to the resting-place of his people 7,8. Christ's commendation of the church, her esteem for Him 9-17.
Song of Solomon Chapter 2
The mutual love of Christ and his church 1-7. The hope and calling of the church 8-13.
Christ's care of the church, her faith and hope 14-17.
Song of Solomon Chapter 3
The trials of the church by the withdrawing of Christ 1-5. The excellences of the church, the care of Christ for her 6-11.
Song of Solomon Chapter 4
Christ sets forth the graces of the church 1-7. Christ's love to the church 8-15. The church desires further influences of Divine grace 16.
Song of Solomon Chapter 5
Christ's answer 1. The disappointments of the church from her own folly 2-8. The excellences of Christ 9-16.
Song of Solomon Chapter 6

Inquiry where Christ must be sought 1. Where Christ may be found 2,3. Christ's commendations of the church 4-10. The work of grace in the believer 11-13.

Song of Solomon Chapter 7
The graces of the church 1-9. The delight of the church in Christ 10-13.
Song of Solomon Chapter 8
Desire for communion with Christ 1-4. The vehemence of this desire 5-7. The church pleads for others 8-12, and prays for Christ's coming 13,14.

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