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Zechariah Chapter 1
An exhortation to repentance 1-6. A vision of the ministry of angels 7-17.
The security of the Jews and the destruction of their enemies 18-21.
Zechariah Chapter 2
The prosperity of Jerusalem 1-5. The Jews called to return to their own land 6-9.
A promise of God's presence 10-13.
Zechariah Chapter 3
The restoration of the church 1-5. A promise concerning the Messiah 6-10.
Zechariah Chapter 4
A vision of a candlestick, with two olive trees 1-7. Further encouragement 8-10.
An explanation respecting the olive trees 11-14.
Zechariah Chapter 5
The vision of a flying roll 1-4. The vision of a woman and an ephah 5-11.
Zechariah Chapter 6
The vision of the chariots 1-8. Joshua, the high priest, crowned as a type of Christ 9-15.
Zechariah Chapter 7
The captives' inquiry respecting fasting 1-7. Sin the cause of their captivity 8-14.
Zechariah Chapter 8
The restoration of Jerusalem 1-8. The people encouraged by promises of God's favor, and exhorted to holiness 9-17. The Jews in the latter days 18-23.
Zechariah Chapter 9
God's defense of his church 1-8. Christ's coming and his kingdom 9-11.
Promises to the church 12-17.

Zechariah Chapter 10
Blessings to be sought from the Lord 1-5. God will restore his people 6-12.
Zechariah Chapter 11
Destruction to come upon the Jews 1-3. The Lord's dealing with the Jews 4-14.
The emblem and curse of a foolish shepherd 15-17.

Zechariah Chapter 12
Punishment of the enemies of Judah 1-8. Repentance and sorrow of the Jews 9-14.
Zechariah Chapter 13
The Fountain for the remission of sins, the conviction of the false prophets 1-6.
The death of Christ, and the saving of a remnant of the people 7-9.

Zechariah Chapter 14
The sufferings of Jerusalem 1-7. Encouraging prospects, and the destruction of her enemies 8-15. The holiness of the latter days 16-21.

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