Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

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The Fig Tree Withers
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Matthew 21:18-21 ; Mark 11:20-26

ON MONDAY MORNING, the second day of the week, Jesus rose very early in the morning and, without waiting to take his breakfast, went with his disciples from Bethany over the Mount of Olives toward Jerusalem. On the mountain he saw at a distance a fig tree covered with leaves, and although it was early for figs to be ripe, he hoped that he might find upon it some figs fit to be eaten. Among the Jews, and by their law, any one passing a tree could eat of its fruit, even though he was not the owner; but he would not be allowed to carry any away.

But when Jesus came near to this tree he saw that there was no fruit upon it, neither ripe nor green, but leaves only. Then a thought came into the mind of Jesus; and he spoke to the tree, while his disciples heard his words, "No fruit shall grow on thee from this time forever." And then he walked on his way to Jerusalem.

And on the next morning, which was Tuesday of the week before the Passover, Jesus again went over the Mount of Olives with his disciples They passed the fig tree to which Jesus had spoken such strange words on the day before. And now the disciples saw that the tree was standing withered and dried, with its leaves dry and rustling In the wind.

"Look, Master!" said Peter. "The fig tree to which you spoke yesterday is withered!" And Jesus said to them all, "Have faith in God, for in truth I say to you, that if you have faith, you shall not only do this which has been done to the fig tree; but also, if you shall say to this mountain, 'Be moved away and thrown into the sea, it shall be done. And all things, whatever they may be, that you ask in prayer, if  you have faith, shall be given to you."



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