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When Jesus was a young boy and His Holy Family in royalty free images and free lessons all ages. Beautifully visual Bible lessons with art in high resolution free to use from our huge image library (see terms of use). Searchable lessons by verse, people and story.

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Jesus in the Carpenters Shop
Jesus in the Carpenters Shop, one of the beautiful
illustrative images on our new Life of Jesus art CD.

And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him.
Luke 2:39-40

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The Children with the Shell, Bartolomeo Murillo Royalty Free Images The Children with the Shell
Bartolomeo Murillo

The Youth of Our Lord, John Rogers Herbert The Youth of Our Lord
John Rogers Herbert

Christ in the House of His Parents, Sir John Everett Millais royalty free images Christ in the House of His Parents
Sir John Everett Millais

Jesus was brought to Nazareth when he was a little child, not more than three years old; there he grew up as a boy and a young man; and there he lived until he was thirty years of age. We should like to know many things about his boyhood, but the Bible tells us very little.

The Holy Family in Joseph's Carpentry Shop, 15th Century Book of Hours The Holy Family in Joseph's Carpentry Shop
15th Century Book of Hours

The Holy Family, Francisco de Zurbaran royalty free images The Holy Family
Francisco de Zurbaran

 The Christ Child by Carlo Dolci Royalty Free Images The Christ Child
Carlo Dolci

As Joseph was a workingman, it is likely that he lived in a house with only one room, with no floor except the earth, no window except a hole in the wall, no pictures upon the walls, and neither bedstead, nor chair, nor looking-glass. They sat upon the floor, or upon cushions; they slept upon rolls of matting; and their meals were taken from a low table, not much larger than a stool.

Jesus may have learned to read at the village school, which was generally held in the house used for worship, called the " synagogue." The lessons were from rolls on which were written parts of the Old Testament; but Jesus never had a Bible of his own. From the time when he was a child he went with Joseph to the worship in the synagogue twice every week. There they sat on the floor, and heard the Old Testament read and explained; while Mary and the younger sisters of Jesus listened from a gallery behind a lattice- screen. The Jewish boys of that time were taught to know almost the whole of the Old Testament by heart.

The Christ Child by Francisco de Zurbaran
The Christ Child, Francisco de Zurbaran

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